Great Sentnece

In the Western Church, we tend to emphasize the individual over the group. We focus on personal responsibility to a fixed standard, rather than on collective negotiation with a world absent of absolute truth. This is the exact opposite of how young adults relate to their world. (Kinnamon “You Lost Me” pg 173)


Wow. That is a great sentence.

I often hear a lot of folks who call themselves Christian warn the world that if we give in on an issue, that we will somehow begin on a slippery slope towards anarchy, chaos, tyranny and what ever other evils lurk out there. Many conservative American politicians, who unfortunately also identify as Christian, have made outlandish points on silly things like that allowing homosexuals to marry would somehow begin the country on a slippery slope towards beastality or other, even more bizzare forms of marriage. 

This argument is wrong, but not because of the issue, but because the truth is that it is individuality which is the slippery slope which we have begun to slide down, and we have been going at it for so long that it might be too difficult to change directions. 

Jesus, of course, fought against this thing. Hanging out with 12 dudes for 3 years is pretty much the opposite of believing individuality is the answer to the problems we face today. It is perhaps only in groups in which we can begin to slow the descent. 


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